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Hmm, that's quite a disparity for Diamond 1.8.1 between the two servers: 89.93 @ 2300 battles vs 89.76 @ 1400 battles. Maybe after the score comparison for bots/versions, we need a comparison between servers. =)

Voidious03:11, 24 July 2012

Yeah, I was noticing that. It could be due to the vs clients. I could whip up something simple similar to Darkcanuck's QueryAPI, although obviously it would have a few less fields.

Skilgannon09:21, 24 July 2012

Haha, ok, I was mostly kidding about the cross-server comparison app. =) 0.17 isn't that far beyond what I'd consider possible margin of error, and we've already established a few bots are acting differently in But on that note, your full-pairing RR server running on may prove to be a great way to figure out which bots are having issues.

Voidious15:00, 24 July 2012