calling execute() every tick

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A little more clear minded now. And i agree to Voidious that something kills your robot while in the first round rule. Skipping the whole match is very uncommon i guess :(. I had some test runs with your bot but never got the dreaded "skip match " issue. But sometimes it gets disabled because of to much sipped turns. I hope you can figure it out soon :)

Wompi17:41, 18 June 2012

Yeah. I've cleaned up and compartmentalized the initialization code some more, and after some reading about Exception catching, I'll probably try to catch problems there so I can at least get a console message when something screws up.

I just started my static Universe, Gun and Wheels as nulls, and initialize them if they're null. That prevents the need to check what getRoundNum() it is. With everything spread out, bug hunting should be easier!

Thanks for the help and encouragement, folks! :)

Tkiesel18:28, 18 June 2012