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Glad to hear you're not gone for good! :-) Some of my best jumps have come after long breaks. Getting stuck in a constant state of running tests and anxiously awaiting the results can drive any man insane.

Voidious21:59, 23 August 2012

Thanks for the well-wishes! I decided to just take a break, think about other things and come back to the problem later, hopefully with a fresh perspective. Not to mention I might start with a refactor/cleanup when I do come back to Robocode this fall/winter. Bot.java and Wave.java could both use some cleaning up and trimming down to start with.

I'll be teaching an engineering class this year instead of CS, but it will include programming LEGO/Tetrix style bots (as are used in the FIRST competition) with a variant of C. I think I'll use Robocode as my intro software engineering projects this semester. I'm excited!

Tkiesel16:00, 26 August 2012