Move to main namespace?

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Move to main namespace?

This page is pretry useful! Especially for the new comers as a to-do list. Anyway, it seems that this page hides too deep that it is rather hard to find ;) Should this page be moved to main namespace? I think we can also have a link from MainPage as well ;)

Xor (talk)03:47, 6 October 2017

I just moved it.

However, I don't have the user rights to edit the Main Page (it was full-protected after the last spam attack). Possibly semi-protecting it would be a good idea. I was also thinking of ways to improve the Main Page, since it looks somewhat stale.

MultiplyByZer0 (talk)04:22, 6 October 2017

I think we can enable edit of main page for registered users now, since the spam is over. While move right is never useful for main page.

Xor (talk)06:48, 6 October 2017