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Getting back into this (again!) Had a few questions on bot size.

Couldn't find the info anywhere through the search so apologies if this has been answered else where but what is the bot size?

Obviously the getWidth and getHeight functions return 36, but is this the full width from one edge to the other, or is this from the centre to the edge?

Also is the hit box of the robot axis aligned or object aligned? I.e as the bot rotates does the bounding box rotate meaning the maximum width of the robot is in fact sqrt((36*36)+(36*36)) = ~50.91?

Or ... is the collision detection of bullets etc a simple radius check?

Lastly some of the examples on pages hardcode the width of the bot to 16 pixels - obviously incorrect - see the page, the section Exact Non-Iterative Solution defines the robot width as 16 ... and then proceeds to divide the width by two which seems doubly incorrect?


Wolfman (talk)15:08, 26 November 2013

The bot is 36x36 and doesn't rotate, always axis-aligned. The 50.91 sounds right (and I remember 25.xx as the max half width). Last point of note is that each tick, bullets advance, then Robocode checks for collisions, then bots move.

Not sure about the 16 - I'd guess some Minibot-ism at play.

Voidious (talk)17:02, 26 November 2013

Yeah at a perfect 45 degree angle from the AABB, it would have a width of <math>18\sqrt{2}</math>.

Chase18:00, 26 November 2013

Ok great, cheers! Using 18 for checking distance to wall and ~26 for checking overlap of things like wave bullets etc! :)

Wolfman (talk)19:12, 26 November 2013