Fixing bugs ... reduces score?

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No it was several things and im only working on the random movement bots at the moment as wave surfers are a whole different thing.

What I fixed was:

  • My waves were 1 tick behind the bullet
  • Setting the gun angle was 1 tick behind the angle calculation rather than using the latest calculation
  • My automatic weighting was not taking into account the target bots rotation direction.

Make of that what you will! I'm going to keep the fixes in - as you say it should make improvements in the future easier. Although im currently struggling to find any improvements in the gun at the moment and its way off the leaders TCRM scores. :(

I guess im too much of a critic and want to be up at the top right away. Or at least better than average.

Interesting point about the bot size. I'm using the Math.atan(18/distance) * 2 to get the width of the bot. Hrm!

Wolfman14:34, 22 March 2013