Packaging A Robot To A Jar from the Command Line?

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It's definitely possible, but I haven't done it, besides manually unzipping / editing / rezipping sometimes. I think Beaming does it with normal development tho so maybe he can comment on his setup.

It is just a normal JAR with your class files + the .properties file. So whatever means you have of creating a JAR should work.

Voidious (talk)00:26, 4 December 2013

then ask beaming then

Tmservo (talk)00:35, 4 December 2013

Why did you post this? It's impolite and not helpful.

Voidious (talk)00:51, 4 December 2013

i told Wolfman to ask Beaming

Tmservo (talk)01:27, 4 December 2013

You can use Ant to package your jar, here is an example script (that I wrote) to do it. Since I mainly develop in eclipse I didn't want to switch over to Robocode to package my robot.

See the page Ant (tool).

Chase02:36, 4 December 2013