How much memory can a bot use?

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Hmm ... 1vs1 is no problem for my bot even against himself. But if it comes to melee it looks different ,because i have to hold combat data of 9 bots. Right now it uses almost 500 MB against a full melee field. But it is not finished yet and i guess i can bring it to 300 MB or less. I was a little surprised that not every bot can use the same memory share.

My test run is with DrussGT/Diamond/Me/ + usual sample bots. After a couple of rounds the memory was near 500 MB and the garbage collection worked very frequently. At this time both bots skipped turns like nothing. Diamond got disabled in 3 rounds and DrussGT had 150+ skipped turns. If i run both bots + samples without me, everything is fine (i have never seen both bots doing this and i use they quite often for tests). My bot got no skipped turn and showed no unusual behavior (beside the memory usage).

My guess is that the garbage collection counts against all bot times because it happens in background and is not related to one bot alone. If you have a bot that is near his cpu limit he will start to skip turns every time the garbage collection kicks in. My bot uses almost no cpu he just grabs the results from some HashMaps and so it got no skipped turns. Just a rough guess right now ... i'm a little sleepy right now and i will observe this a little in the future.

Wompi03:12, 2 July 2012