Skipped Turns ... what to know about?

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I think i got your bug figured out. Right now i'm to overtired to give you the numbers but i will do this tomorrow.

Basically what it does is the system skips some turns without a skip turn event, it just misses the turns out (happens very frequently). So it looks like this:

  • 1 normal turn
  • 2 lost turn without any data and no skip event
  • 3 normal turn, you try to calculate the enemys x y but you get the wrong bearing from the system, your own values are ok
  • 4 normal turn with delta time = 1, you calculate the enemys x y with the right values but if you calculate the distance to the last (wrong) x,y you get some distance that is way out of line

You can check this very easy if you just put the follow in onStatus(...)

if ((getTime() - lastTime) > 1)
lastTime = getTime();

blabla should print out without a skipped turn event or console message.

Buahh 3:00am ... i have to sleep :) take care

Wompi01:59, 12 June 2012