Skipped Turns ... what to know about?

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Well this is what i got so far:

  • robots get skipped turn events but actually never skip the turn (happens only by one turn skips)
  • robots skip turns but get no skipped turn events
  • after a skipped turn(s) the robot gets the wrong enemy bearing/distance and can not calculate the right x,y position of the enemy
    • it also happens that the robot gets 2 scan events in a 1vs1 match with time differences out of order
  • minor - the skipped turn message shows the turn number of the last turn and not the actual skipped turn number
  • faster client speed causes more skipped turn

To make it replicable i wrote a little BugBot_1.0 which can be downloaded and checked by yourself. The source is included along with some examples for the output of the above issue points. Just put two BugBots against each other and play with the client speed. You can also record the match (1 round is enough) and see what the XML files says about the issues (this is not really necessary the console output shows it quite good).

The bot generate all kind of the above points and can be used to find the robocode bug behind this. If you don't get some of the above output just increase the speed of the client and it should be happen. You can also increase the amount of skipped turns by raising the run variables.

Well i hope this helps a little and hopefully the code is sound.

take care

Wompi14:33, 12 June 2012