Skipped Turns ... what to know about?

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The last output of yours is the most direct evidence of a bug, imo - you "skipped a turn" but onScannedRobot was supposedly processed for that tick, the tick before, and the tick after. Either you didn't really skip that turn, or getTime() was wrong. As another data point, here's the info on a sort of similar bug I was hitting: User_talk:Voidious#weird_bug_I.27m_hitting_891.

If you enable replay recording, after the battle you can save the battle, and it outputs an XML file with all the data from that battle (like every tick, it's huge). Maybe you can also print out some info here to cross-check against the replay file?

Besides that, I think it's time to report a bug about this, and/or start digging through the code myself to figure out what's going on. =)

Btw, under the menus, you can "recalculate CPU constant" and it will tell you how much time each bot is allowed per turn on your system. Not sure how you're calculating elapsed time, but maybe it's not the same chunk of time being examined as Robocode.

Voidious17:29, 11 June 2012