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I'm DavidR from Portugal and I'm a new user at Robocode and I'm doing research in Swarm intelligence, Synchronization and Networks, Robocode is a very interesting way to develop some of the ideas I have. I'm coding my first robot at the moment and hope to have it ready by the end of the year (If I manage to get the time to code as my PhD is taking 99% of my time now.)

My Robots

MiniR101 - MiniR101 is my first Bot at Robocode. It started by being a Bot for experiments and learning. When I first packed it the size was near the MiniBot category, so I decided to keep it in that category. At the moment this is only a MiniMelee bot. It does very poor in 1o1 and this is probably the next thing I'll try to improve.

Other Info About Me

My Blog: Sixhat Pirate Parts

My PhD

My Twitter