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Who I Am

I am a senior lecturer in Future Technology (Computer Games development, Robotics and A.I. mostly) and came across Robocode in 2005, when I was looking for Games related A.I. testbed platforms to provide some structure to assignments for the Games and A.I. modules that I ran; Others included MarioAI and Pacman-vs-Ghosts.

I have not been an active Robocoder on the wiki but I the recent project to reboot Virtual_Combat

My Robots

  • Blinky - Reserved name for a team I am developing to test a reboot of Virtual Combat, the Capture the flag variant used for CodeFest 2011
  • Pinky - Ditto
  • Inky - Ditto
  • Clyde - Ditto

These guys will be tested against DeltaSquad - A four robot team., and winners of the CodeFest 2011: VirtualCombat competition.

My Teams

Free Code

  • I've got an account on GitHub under the username DoctorMikeReddy (personal stuff) and MikeReddy (work stuff).