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Hey guys, I just updated my page. If you have any suggestions, please give them in the discussion.

I'm an originally American Robocoder currently living in Canada(see the roborumble country flags). I'm pretty new to the game, introduced in August 2013. Fact about me: I travel a lot, so my flag will often change.

I have a list of(mostly unreleased) bots:


  • Golden - My second bot, uses slightly modified surfing movement
  • Royal(developing) - Adaptive movement(not surfing!) mini
  • There is a micro version of Royal(0.14M) that is released but with no colors, distancing, or advanced adaptation.
  • Monarch(unreleased) - future micro, plan to have adaptive oscillation, like EpeeistMicro and Pugio
  • Servant(unreleased) - future nano with adaptive RM
  • LightningStrike(done, but with some glitches, unreleased) - nano with 2 guns
  • LightningStorm - another micro, released


  • Spartan(unreleased)


  • SpartanArmy(unreleased) - team of Spartans