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I'm a 31 year old Software Engineer, Magic: The Gathering fanatic, fledgling bot creator (ok, so not really a bot creator but I'm working on a pluggable framework for my future bots), and music lover. I don't have many hobbies outside learning new frameworks, improving my Java programming skills and keeping my Wife happy.

I'm currently running 2 RoboRumbleAtHome clients just because I can and I'm attempting to catch up to Voidious in uploads :P.

My bots

Non as of yet (at least not of my own creation)

Current Bots in Progress

mlm.Morris - This robot seeks to be a feisty fighter with a currently terrible Random Movement and using voidious.Diamond's DiamondFist/DiamondEyes which have been 'wrapped' to fit into my currently in progress framework. The name of this robot comes from a cat who recently passed away and is in his memory.

mlm.Marquedios - This robot seeks to be a conservative fighter worried more about staying alive rather than killing the enemy. This personality comes from a character I use to play on Eve Online by the name Marquedios who was more worried about his financial security rather than being the best fighter around.