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I was introduced to Robocode back in 2005 as part as part of my first year Java class. My entry was effectively a poor clone of HawkOnFire, it performed quite well, ranking second in our melee competition. I've been interested in Robocode ever since but it's taken 16 years for me to attempt to code any new bots, or to even use Java at all.


My goal is to create a competitive Survivalist MegaBot using Anti-Gravity-like movement. To begin with I'm hoping to create a Melee Radar that accurately detects as many shots as possible. Maybe one day it'll have a gun.


My partner enjoys watching battles and is interested in learning but has no programming experience nor are they mathematically inclined. To support their learning (and my competitive streak) I'm trying to use existing Utilities, as well as my own, to make Robocode as accessible to newcomers as possible.