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Banzai! is a competitor who attempts to kill at extremely close range, using a combination of ramming and short range targeting.


Banzai! is presently performing admirably, near the 'average tank' level in terms of rating. There is still more work to be done to surpass fellow rambots.

Banzai! v0.11478
Banzai! v0.21474
Banzai! v0.31588
Banzai! v0.41573
Banzai! v0.51596
Banzai! v0.61589
Banzai! v0.71479
Banzai! v0.7.11611
Banzai! v0.7.21502
Banzai! v0.322347%
Banzai! v0.625849%


Same options as Ugluk


Heading is based on the bearing to the target, possibly extrapolated a little (depending on my testing). Speed is limited by my opponent's rate of bearing change.

v0.7's movement sees the same new movement algorithm as Ugluk, trying to get from points A to B in the least amount of time. Since B is constantly shifting (being a projection of where the opponent will be in a few tics) it may mean that Banzai! is less likely to be at top speed when he does ram, but hopefully it means he is more likely to make contact.


Ugluk's locking radar.

Energy Management:

Energy management mostly disabled. Generally fires 3.0 power shots when the gun is aimed.

Debugging, Statistics, and Persistence

Same options as Ugluk

Archnemeses / White Whales

GrubbmGait's GrubbmGrb and GrubbmThree. I want to beat GrubbmGrb one on one and GrubbmThree in the rumble (as a fellow rambot).