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NameGun BFlyCCChkCigCya DMFMGrbRMBTig Total
Ugluk 0.14.1aBO/VCS/VG 97.5965.7086.2784.1970.80 92.0384.9283.8685.6077.73 82.87
Hubris α4GF/VCS/VG 9782658926 932588797082902
Hubris α3GF/VCS/VG 9771260870832387906263730 9378886576817548518075084 80.6994
Hubris α2GF/VCS/VG 9877455932 947728843281054
Hubris α1GF/VCS/VG 9807454924 913188694878988
Hubris (20080206)GF/VCS/VG 9625251600803086374659900 9256186616799568433871556 76.6833

Ugluk 1.01840Semi-permanent retirement.
Hubris β31836Fixed some movement issues. Build contains new dynamic debug controls.
Grishnakh 1.01800Ugluk v0.13.0
Hubris β21777Disabled opponent-specific profiles.
Hubris β116056 Guess factor guns, starting with lateral velocity and tacking on more segments progressively. Stopped after 10 battles.