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I was not around when ad.last.Bottom was created, but it was obviously intended to be the absolute worst performer in the Robo Rumble. That seemed like a good challenge. I think I outdid him.


After 208 battles pedersen.Moron v1.0 is at 101.09, compared to ad.last.Bottom at 149.18. Moron v2.0 finally ousted SittingDuck for last place in the melee rumble, and brought new depths to the duelist ranking.

Moron v1.0- 387n/a
Moron v2.0- 651985

Note: Pulling from the Rumble. Glicko-2 rating on 5/7/2009: -475.8


Duels: Initially aims dead on until it scores a total of three hits. Afterward, it aims in the opposite direction for the rest of the match.
Melee: Does not aim or fire.


Duels: Closes distance with opponent but does not ram, allowing increased chance of landing initial bullets. Afterward, he remains still for the remainder of the match.
Melee: Closes distance with nearest opponent but does not ram, allowing increased chance of being targeted and hit.


Moron uses Ugluk's radar systems.

Energy Management:

Duels: Initially fires 0.1 power bullets until minimum score is attained. Then fires 3.0 power bullets for rest of the match. No real energy management.
Melee: Does not fire.

Debugging, Statistics, and Persistence

Moron performes no file i/o in order to reduce the chance of throwing an exception due to the cannon caches bug.

Archnemeses / White Whales

Moron's chief rivals are ad.last.Bottom and sample.SittingDuck.