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Roland the Gunslinger a.k.a. Roland Deschain of Gilead is the protagonist in Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

This bot is a proof of concept in development.


Where Ugluk favors melee, Roland favors duels, yet I'll also see how his special sauce works in melee.
Roland v0.111781523
Roland v0.210221497
Roland v0.1 Duels 383
Roland v0.1 Melee 108


Roland shoots low power bullets to knock enemy bullets out of the air. The concept occured to me before researching it and finding it had been attempted before with unsatisfying results. This is my attempt.
Roland presently intercepts bullets fired by my implementation of linear predictive targeting.

Archnemeses / White Whales

Roland is not designed to win as much as to survive, which doesn't lend itself to strong rivalries.

Development Tasks

  • Tuning of Roland's bullet interception.
  • Detect firing angle / wave hit though bullet interception and retire it, so he doesn't keep shooting at their ghosts.