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I am an experienced Java programmer. As you can guess, I love pi ( and also pie). In RoboRumble, I use the package name "hacker".

I am using "work-a-round" methods for my robots to make them better as well as find security glitches.

Hacker Robots

Right now my only robot is Destroyer. It is a 1-v-1 and Melee robot. Unfortunately, it was built and tested using Robocode v1.7.2.1 Beta, which has a different SecurityManager. Because of this my work-a-round method to create more threads doesn't work, resulting in auto disqualification. I am trying to fix this, but my next update will probably take a while.

Glitches Glitches

So far, the only major glitch I have found is that you can cheat the SecurityManager by achieving a "SafeContext". One easy way to do this is using the following Class...
package <your package here>;

 * Cheat - allows access to blocked pacakges.
public class Cheat extends a class in the package you
								    //wish to access.
	public Cheat() {
		super(null, null,true ,true);//replace the parameters with whatever your class requires.
	public static void loopHole(<any argument you wish to use>) throws Exception {
		//This code here has full access to the package you want to use.
		//use this method instead of creating a new class to avoid having the class you extended
		//do things that you don't wish it to do.
I'm not sure that you can do anything with this, since most of what you can do is prohibited due to a robot's thread not being in the safethread list in the SecurityManager. PiRocks 01:40, 4 July 2010 (UTC)


I've gotten bored with working on ma robot so I've decided to run robocode with no security and see what kind of mayhem I can concoct. Any suggestions???