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Here's my current to-do list of RoboWiki admin type stuff, for all to see and comment on (but hopefully not add too much to =)).


  • Fix RoboRumble archiver - sometimes 500 response from wiki when fetching participants.
  • Fix BedMaker - to work with LiteRumble, like other API clients



  • Some type of extension for making polls.
  • Migrate old wiki RoboRumble rankings archives.
  • Fix (via WikiBot) old archived rankings that mislinked bots with same package and bot name (like Stampede, PowerHouse, WhoAmI).

Unsure / why

  • SVG support - [1]
    • Only concern is if it's high-CPU.
  • Some kind of file upload solution.
    • Built into MediaWiki forces capitalization of filenames.
    • Separate from MediaWiki would be open to anonymous use, could be abused.
    • We already have the Robocode Repository.


  • MediaWiki 1.15.1 upgrade
  • E-mail support
  • Math / TeX support - [2]
  • Page not found on new wiki to contain header with "page not found" + linking to possible Old Wiki page
  • User Javascript / CSS
  • mod_rewrite for nicer URLs + some recognition of old wiki's url format
  • Wikimedia Commons - [3]
  • Figure out how to fix Template:OldWiki.
  • Try to write a MediaWiki extension for version history pages to auto-generate a link to a bot details page + APS/Survival/Glicko-2/ranking info. (E.g., the lines on Diamond/Version History.) -- RumbleStats
  • Archived/Archived talk namespaces
  • Regular archives of RoboRumble rankings, like the old wiki once had. (oldwiki:RoboRumble/Rankings roborumble 20051026)
  • Syntax highlighting - ashighlight or GeSHI
  • Configure something so Special:Wantedpages ignores the links from Archived Rankings.