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Seems that my new boss, PEZ, re-ordered my priorities... So... SFWT comes first now! (Teasing Axe) -- Axe

Please re-read your todo list. --Your other new boss

Wow! Im becaming over-bossed (Whe all feel that way sometimes in our lifes)! David, u r right about that code, but this feature is actually one of the goals of StormBringer project... Its too scary doing this in SS directly. Thats the history of that code: HataMoto=>Musashi=>Okami=>SilverSurfer... Yeah, yeah, i know... Crazy Axe... Messy Axe...
You´re right, i am. Always been and always will be. Too late now to change this now (not that lots & lots of good and resoluted people ain´t tryied, but when it comes to persevering, i´m also a master).
At work, at least, my code is far more organized (although still have too much affection with old commented lines...). But you know what happens when messy kids are left alone, don´t?
For now i´ll probably just leave this warning in SS´s code: "ALL HOPE ABONDON, YE WHO ENTER HERE.".
StormBringer shall be done as i where working with others programmers... -- Axe

I have a affection with old commented out too. That was all cured by installing CVS at home. Now I check in my code and delete away. I label each version release and can roll back anytime I want. I highly recommend it. -- jim

CVS @ home is in my plans too. Urgently. -- Axe

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