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VyperVersion History - Archived Talk
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Seems like a very strong mini, pushing me out of the top-50. Do you know what it scores are in the WaveSurfingChallenge2K6. -- GrubbmGait

Unfortunately, the current version of Vyper gets cornered occasionally by the challenge bots, resulting in a very sad score. When I have a better version, I'll release the MovementChallenge2K6 scores for Vyper. -- Kev

Congrats on this awesome mini! Quite an entrance to the MiniBot rankings at 1950+. It's cool to see new bots making their ways up in both mega and mini classes. And on a side-note, just be sure not to optimize for the MovementChallenge too much... I think I did that once with Dookious. I had some complex anti-getting-cornered code; removing it decreased my MC scores, but increased my rating. Good luck hitting that mini-2K barrier ;) -- Voidious

Thanks! I'm very happy with its rank, but the 2K barrier is a long way off, especially with a non - WaveSurfing bot. The problem with Vyper's MovementChallenge2K6 scores was that it stops using anti-simple movement modes when it dies, making it use RandomMovement after an unlucky encounter with WaveSurfingChallengeBotB or C. However, everything I do to fix it is either too much code size or doesn't work, so I'll work on the gun for now. -- Kev

It's awfully close: 1999.69 after 1204 battles. I'll cross my fingers for you! -- GrubbmGait

Wow, switching to just Thorn's movement is improving your score? Nice. I'm guessing that's saving you some codesize, too, right? I wouldn't have thought that an RM bot could do so well. Stop & go is so effective, yet such a simple concept ... -- Simonton

Ahhh... so close. This reminds me of when WaveSerpent was stuck at 1999 :). The new movement is pretty strong, but weaker against good guns than the old one. I'm finding out that a higher reverse chance usually increases the scores against top guns and decreases it against the weak ones (I've no idea why though). Hopefully the next release will find that last point... -- Kev

You did it, congrats! I'd add you but I gotta get to bed, feel free to add yourself though. =) -- Voidious

Very awesome, making the 2k club, any 2k club with a non-surfer is very impressive. --Chase-san

Thanks guys! Now there's only one more 2000Club left :). -- Kev