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CoriantumrVersion History - CoriantumrWithDMMGun

  • Version 1.0 - first release. Minimum Risk Movement centered around not being picked as a target, GuessFactor gun segmented on whether it's a melee or not, acceleration for one-on-one or lateral direction for melee (advancing, lateral, retreating), and projected bullet flight time. An excellent one-on-one gun for a melee mini, but I hope it does well
  • Version 1.1 - first update. Rethought a bit of my movement logic and tweaked it around a bit. It's now quite a bit less predictable one-on-one, and should be a more formidable opponent there, although still not a real serious one-on-one competitor. The most significant new development is some code to avoid shooting at the walls, which seems to make a great difference in its performance. I'm hoping this one will rate over 1700 and break into the top 5, but maybe I'm too optimistic.
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