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Author(s) Beaming
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting none
Movement Exact path predictor
Released 2015
Current Rating 1on1 77.1 (80th)

melee 67.75 (9th)

Current Version v5.3
Code Size MegaBot
Code License open source and comes with no string attached


Background Information

RoboRumble - APS: 77.1% (80th), PL: 1002-107 (94th), Survival: 86.57%

MeleeRumble - APS: 67.75% (9th), PL: 377-10 (11th), Survival: 56.6%

What's special about it?

It is based on my own framework. With plug in motion drivers and virtual guns. It tries to dodge bullets from all known guns. Well, it is too CPU demanding, so the list changes depending on the game stage.

How competitive is it?

In 1 on 1 it is still quite weak and hovers below top 100. Since its guns are not very sophisticated. But in melee it is in top 15. Surprisingly, the circular and head on guns do all the work in melee till it gets to the last 2 bots standing, where it uses more bots.

What is under the hood?

See more about it at eem.frame-lib.

How does it move?

See the framework again. But most importantly it tries to dodge the head on gun and circular gun from the closest bot in melee and probabilistically from some others. Once it gets to the last 2 bot standing or 1on1 it dodges more known guns.

How does it fire

Aims to the closest, with potential switch to a more hitable bot like the sitting duck or less lucky bot (who survives less in the previous rounds), also it has a preference for a weak on energy bots.

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?

It is in official roborumble and melee listings, look for eem.EvBotNG there. Alternatively, feel free to download the source code and play with it.


I suffer from "not coded here syndrome" so my code is quite original. Though, I took a lot from my own EvBot. You might see uncleaned leftovers of that bot scattered in the source.

Nevertheless, I owe to many people who made this wiki and its content available. Special thanks to Voidious and his wonderful RoboRunner tool which I used.

Also, its design was influenced by the ideas behind the XanderCat, i.e., modular design and, yet not well implemented by me, idea of components registration for custom calls/events.

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