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Background Information

Bot Name
Opposite 1.5
What's special about it?
Fluid Movement in a nano
Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?
How competitive is it?
Current: TBD :)
1.4: NanoMeleeRumble - APS: 60.28% (9th), PL: 55-12 (11th), Survival: 62.13%


How does it move?
Fluid Movement
How does it fire?
Similar to Infinity's gun
How does it dodge bullets?
By staying perpendicular to enemy bots
How does the melee strategy differ from One-on-one strategy?
No difference
How does it select a target to attack/avoid in melee?
What does it save between rounds and matches?
Only movement stuff because they are static

Additional Information

Where did you get the name?
Well Fluid Movement moves *opposite* to enemy bots..
Can I use your code?
Feel free to ask me for the code
What's next for your robot?
Better performance with few bots
Does it have any White Whales?
Not at the moment
What other robot(s) is it based on?
Infinity-like gun
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