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Hoped for rank 5, got rank 3, an unexpected but very satisfying result. It even outranks my best mini, although Gruwel is more focussed on melee. -- GrubbmGait

It looks to me like Grinnik learns really slowly...<checks source code> no wonder, you aren't adding a wave every tick. It shouldn't make you lose points, because MicroBots don't generally react to EnemyFire. -- Skilgannon

I thought that a lot of micro's and nano's were using some kind of oscillator based on enemy energy. I think I will try it out though, together with a small movement-adaption, so be warned: I might get second in micro instead of you! -- GrubbmGait

I accidently broke Decado's StopAndGo last release (only moving 40 instead of 48), and comparing with my last version I see I lost a lot of points against HOT and LT/CT bots. I've also fixed my wall bouncing, and it compiles to 749 exactly. So we'll see who beats RaikoMicro first ;-) -- Skilgannon

Version 0.7 is no improvement, either the accell/decell has more importance than I thought, or the distance and velocity segments have much less importance than I thought. Let's chase Jen and RaikoMicro, as Skilgannon's bots are out of reach by now. -- GrubbmGait

GrubbmGait13:20, 30 October 2012
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