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So what's the story behind Hydra? =) --David Alves

Well, it's basically WaveSerpent with dynamic clustering for movement. I originally made it just to get into the TopTenDCParty, but I have higher hopes now :). -- Kev

Man, Hydra at 2098.93!! =) Crossing my fingers for you. When's the next release coming? -- Voidious

Hopefully soon, but Hydra is stubbornly resisting all of my attempts to tweak it. My initially assigned variables don't like to be changed for some reason, but its only a matter of time before I find something that works... -- Kev

Well, you can count on my 2 clients running for the rest of the night. Good luck with 0.21 dude! -- Voidious

Greate score! Normally, people (except ABC and Corbos) change from VCS to DC in order to get in TopTenDCParty. Now every pair of bot (except you) has it's VCS version better than it's DC version! --Nat

Voidious16:16, 4 September 2011
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