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Archived Talk 20090516

Hi, I'm a first year computer science student at the University of Washington. I recently took a long break from robocode, but I'm starting to get back into it again.

Active Bots:

  • WaveSerpent is my mega, level-expert duelist. It's ranked 2nd in the general rumble.
  • Hydra is a mega duelist using Dynamic Clustering for both its movement and gun. It's ranked 6th in the general rumble.
  • Logic was the first robot I programmed, but ended up pretty strong in melee. It's ranked 10th in the melee rumble.
  • Vyper is my MiniBot, currently ranked 4th in the mini rumble and a member of The 2000 Club/Mini.
  • Thorn is the first MicroBot I wrote. It used to be top in the micro one-on-one division, but has since fallen to 3rd.
  • Needle was the first micro to use Multiple Choice in its gun. It's ranked 4th in the micro rumble.
  • WaveShark is one of the only micro sized wave surfers out there. It's ranked 5th in the micro rumble.
  • Splinter is my NanoBot. It was the top nano for a while, but has fallen all the way down to 14th.
  • GeminiTeam is my entrant to the TwinDuel competition. It has the third highest rating in the TwinDuel rumble and an undefeated PL score.

Retired Bots:

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