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Youtube has a video of Configuring NetBeans in action: click here to watch

This article shows how to configure NetBeans in order to use it in building a Robocode robot.

Software Requirements

Configure the NetBeans

Firstly, we go to Tools > Libraries to start the Library Manager


Select the New Library button.

Then, type the name of the library, for instance robocode. Click OK.


Next, on the left hand side select the library you have just created and click on the Add JAR/Folder button on the right.

Navigate yourself to the libs folder in the main folder of Robocode and select robocode. Finish this by clicking the Add JAR/Folder button.

Adding the Robocode Library to an existing project


Right mouse click on Libraries in your project. Then, select the Add Library button.


Select your Robocode Library and click Add Library.

Showing Robocode where your robots are

Youtube has a video of Setting Robocde Development Paths in action: click here to watch


From the Robocode GUI select the Options drop-down menu, then Preferences.

Go to the Development Options tab and click the Add button.

Finally, select the location of your robots and click Finish.

Remember to create first the NetBeans project and then to select the location of your robots.

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