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About Me

I'm a mid-level programmer who learned about robocode while doing a school report on artificial intelligence. I've been robocoding since early 2009(I think). Robocode was my first java experience, so I'm not quite as skilled at java as some other people on the wiki. I like to spend lots of time on random projects, but I tend to prefer the smaller codesize categories. I decided a while ago that I would take a break from Robocode until something exciting happened in either the nano or micro melee fields, but unfortunately those seem to be almost entirely inactive.

My Robots


AlphaDragon-A minibot that uses a souped-up MagicD3 gun and wavesurfing. It's pretty good, but it suffers as it just moves away from bullets instead of using precise prediction.

Caligula-A nanobot that tries to beat weak bots badly instead of actually being strong. Just behind LBB in the nano category.

Capulet-An aggressive micro melee bot; currently first in its category.

CapuletDroid-A nano-sized droid version of Capulet.

Corsair-A nano melee bot using oscillator movement and distance control. It's almost competitive, but not as good as I thought it would be.

Fuatisha-A nano PM bot that is very hard to beat; it is just behind LBB in PL.

MagicD2-My first ever robot and just for fun nano. It changes almost completely with each version release.

MagicD3-A Dynamic Clustering micro, competing with Cannon to be the best DC micro.

Maui-A wavesurfing micro, fairly awful right now.

Mercutio-A micro melee bot with a movement based on dodging HOT and LT. Fairly competitive.

PricklyPear-A mega using wavesurfing and advanced targeting.

SavantMicro-A micro with SavantVS's movements and a nifty wave-based bearing change gun.

SavantVS-One of only 2(?) active nano VelocitySurfers.

SavantWS-Not very competitive, but it has nano-sized wavesurfing.


Acraepheus-One of my earliest robots, now retired.

DarkHorse-A micro bot based on Caligula. It used the first pattern matcher I've ever written.

DolphinAR-My second robot. Used stop and go movement with multimode guns.

DoubleReed-A mega bot that was just AlphaDragon with precise prediction.

Lexical- A mega melee robot that utterly failed due to bugs.

MagestyOfColors-A minibot based on MagicD3. It should be better against strong bots but not as good against simple targeters. Its gun is just like MagicD3's except with more segments, and its movement is an adaptive version of MagicD3's main one. This robot still has ~500 codesize bytes to spare.

TybaltMelee-A nano melee robot, with antigravity movement and a reduced linear gun. ~10th place in the nano melee.

My Projects/Stupid Things I Spend Too Much Time On

Super Sample Bots- A set of bots that are based on the sample bots. They are intended to be the next challenge for beginners after they have a robot that can beat all of the regular sample bots.