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ScalarX is an open source bot-development framework, aims at easing the gap between robocode and modern machine learning techniques. Currently building a competitive robot requires months of coding, and yet many details remain to be tested. If there is a reference implementation which can be tested exclusively by the community, and let any strategy & machine learning model plug in easily, work of exploring & applying modern machine learning techniques can be greatly simplified.

Current development is in prototype phase, let me know if you are interested.


ScalarX will include:

  • A utility library for implementing things like KNN, Precise Prediction, Bullet Shadow, etc.
  • Serving
    • A component system to enable easy plug-in, e.g. shield, multiple movement system, virtual guns, etc.
  • Training
    • A complete pipeline for running battles, logging data, offline training and testing.
  • Debugging
    • A complete system to record battles (even in RoboRunner and RoboRumble), and replay in robocode like a video with backward, forward, slo-mo, etc.
  • To be listed...