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When a battle completes, you'll see a set of results like this:

Shows the battle results for 3 sample robots that have just completed a battle of 10 rounds

Here's a breakdown of all the statistics:

  • Total Score ‒ This is everything else added up, and determines each robot's rank in this battle.
  • Survival Score ‒ Each robot that's still alive scores 50 points every time another robot dies.
  • Last Survivor Bonus ‒ The last robot alive scores 10 additional points for each robot that died before it.
  • Bullet Damage ‒ Robots score 1 point for each point of damage they do to enemies.
  • Bullet Damage Bonus ‒ When a robot kills an enemy, it scores an additional 20% of all the damage it did to that enemy.
  • Ram Damage ‒ Robots score 2 points for each point of damage they cause by ramming enemies.
  • Ram Damage Bonus ‒ When a robot kills an enemy by ramming, it scores an additional 30% of all the damage it did to that enemy.
  • 1sts, 2nds, 3rds ‒ These do not actually contribute to score, but are there to show how long the robot survived, i.e. the number of rounds the robot was placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


My robot is not winning with the highest score, even though it is the only one left on the battlefield. Why is that the case?
Your robot will not necessarily win, just by being the last robot left on the battlefield (i.e. last survivor). A robot that does not fire much, but "just" saves its energy is getting a lesser score than a robot that hits other robots with a lot of bullets. So, do not save your bullets forever just to survive. Make sure you hit with as many of your bullets as possible. The better your robot is at hitting other robots, the better your score will become.

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