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Credits - Shadow/Melee Gun
Old wiki page: Shadow/ShadowsMeleeGun
Original author(s): ABC

From the old wiki

Amazing how you can see the problems, but the answer just doesn't click. I bet if you did some heavy BinSmoothing it would help even more for hitting those clumps. -- Skilgannon

Brilliant! My not-so-super-secret melee DynamicClustering minibot is currently being modified to use a play-it-forward algorithm, so I'll see if I can fit this in without making the ultimate SlowBot. =) -- AaronR

Just a question, how can you do a PlayIt Forward with missed scan? Or you just interpolated? And does this work for GF, too? --Nat

Yes, you can interpolate. If you use a 'fast' play it forward method that uses uses absolute locations you can just linearly interpolate because any error will be completely corrected the next time a real scan is read. I wouldn't suggest using GF for melee, although it definitely works... Kev's bot for example. -- Skilgannon

I'm trying some DC-GF in melee. I know it definitely works because of Conriantumr, which do interpolate, too. About the "And does this work for GF, too", I don't mean interpolate, I mean to project each GF and do same thing as ABS mentioned. Another thing, if I put 100 Shadows into one 1000x1000 battle, will it skip a ton of turns? --Nat

Yes, this method would work with GFs instead, the trouble is it won't hit bots like Walls Spinbot etc as well as PIF. You just need to turn it into an absolute angle, stick them all in an array or some other equivalent, and weight them by distance. -- Skilgannon

And about 100 Shadows.... well only one robot runs at once but Shadow may get crazy if trying to process all those enemies at once, but you know... how about you just try it? :D -- Rednaxela

I've got the result, it doesn't not skips any turns more than usual, but I don't know if I run for 10 rounds because it can run at 1 TPS and throws OutOfMemoryError at time 30 :-) --Nat

Gun turning

ABC, I want to know, how do you turn your gun? I mean, normally robot will aim head-on to its current target during non-firing tick. But using this method, there is no current target. I wonder where do you aim your gun at? » Nat | Talk » 13:30, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

I think it currently doesn't follow any target. I just keeps the gun pointed to the last firing angle, and is slightly more more likely to choose firing solutions that don't represent a big gun turn. --ABC 13:58, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

Oh I see. You seem to aim your gun 5 ticks before the gun is ready, don't you? » Nat | Talk » 14:16, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

Currently I aim 2 ticks before the gun is ready, and fire only if getGunTurnRemaining() == 0, so sometimes it can waste a few ticks before firing. --ABC 23:37, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

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