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2008 This user entered Robocode community since 2008
JAVA This user prefers to use Java for all his/her applications.
Robo code This user love Robocode!
PM This user love Pattern Matching
Melee This user prefers melee battle than One-On-One battle.
EclipseIcon.png This user use Eclipse to program his/her Robocode's robots.
Wiki I love this Wiki!
Rumble This user has his/her bot in RoboRumble.
5th This user has the highest rank of 5th in NanoRumble.
79th This user has the highest rank of 79th in General Rumble.
TH This user lives in Thailand.
UBX This user is first one who create their userboxes purely about robocode!
UBX This user has most userboxes in this wiki.
ABC This user MUST dethrone ABC and his Shadow for his life.
Wiki This user is the wiki vacuum cleaner.
Nat's Page:
Targeting Problem (answered) - Wave Surfing Question (answered) - What's the name mean? - What is this? - How do 1v1 bot perform in melee? - Robot in my dream... - My version of DrawingBot - Free code
Nat's research:
Symbolic Dynamic Segmentation Research - Targeting Research Codename M79

My name is Nat Pavasant. I'm a 16-year-old robocoder from Thailand. I was first introduced to Robocode sometime in 2006 when I was 11 years old. I didn't remember where I found it but I wasn't very good at English at that time so I couldn't find this wiki. From time to time, I mainly played on a modified version of Wall, but I never dealed with AdvancedRobots. Not long after, I got bored and returned to PHP programming. Later in July 2007, I found a notice of Cubic Thailand National Robocode Tournament 2007. I took another look at my old installation of Robocode in my computer but didn't get further than the last time I played on it. Again, I returned to PHP programming. In the middle of 2008 I saw another word about Robocode on my the NSC software contest in my country. In the example of the proposals they listed contains one software called Robo-Rookie which implemented Junior Robot visual editor via Flash.

September 2008 is when I entered the Robocode community. I was a lot better at English and started to seek articles about GuessFactor Targeting that I've heard a lot about for a long time. I didn't understand any part, neither simple or hard, of it. The first robots I've ever downloaded are Tigger and SpareParts, then Gladiator and Dookious. It was still really, really hard so I decided to learn Quick Targeting (say HOT, LT and CT) first. I took a look at NanoBots because I thought they would make me understand it easier. But, unfortunately, many nano-bot code are super-optimized for codesize and made me having a headache on it. Anyway, my first robot is a NanoBot after reading many many robots' source to understand non-blocking call. I was so silly that I was waiting/reloading Pulsar's old server ranking page for a day and realized that I need to look at Darkcanuck's instead.


Order by creation date.

Also, check out my free code.

Planned Future Robots

Current Developing Robots

but I hardly find a time to work on it.

Obsolete/Retired robots

Unreleased Robots

Don't want me to list all of my unreleased, there's a LOT. Here are some:

  • Juno, another vapourware after Pallas.
  • Aquazyned and few A... bot.
  • Pencil, MilkyWay, Galaxy, Mercury
  • ... and lot other.


  • Get the throne of all rumble.
    • but I currently focus on general melee/roborumble.
  • Be the youngest who entered The 2000 Club and The 2100 Club!
  • Be the first one who breaks the 2200 beerier!
  • Having PHP plugins for robocode =D

Contact Information

Tel. +66(0)8-6054-4882
Country: Thailand
City/Province: Bangkok

If anyone see any grammatical errors above, please be kind enough and tell me on my talk page!