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Robocode Wikipedia Article

As FNL pointed out a good 7 years ago, we should rewrite the wikipedia article about robocode. Currently it is a very poorly designed and messy article. If anyone feels the same way, I suggest we set a few ground rules in regard to it.

First we should avoid mentioning specific authors or robots unless they are historically relevant. Having a ranking of the "best bots" is a terrible idea, since the article goes so long between being updated. We should especially try and avoid mentioning certain authors of certain techniques. Wikipedia readers likely don't care who made the first painting robot or who came up with wave surfing. At least as one offs.

We can of course include these in a history of robot design and techniques. But only so long as it is part of an actual article and not one liners of "Shadow (made by ABC) introduced wave surfing to the game." No one likely cares, especially since no one knows what the heck "wave surfing" even is. So such a thing needs to be explained in detail as part of the history if it is added at all.

Unfortunately I only know what has happened in Robocode since around mid 2006, so I can't easily write the early history.

Chase15:44, 2 October 2014