Problems with TCRM

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Problems with TCRM

I recently tried out the TCRM challenge and found the following issues that may need to be addressed:

1) TCRM page on the wiki doesn't state the rules. You have to follow another link to an older TC challenge to find the rules.

2) Reference bots download does not include the challenge file. It is unclear where to get the challenge file from. The reference bots and challenge file should probably be packaged together in a single download.

3) Multiple inconsistencies between stated robot version numbers on the wiki page and the actual specified version numbers (whether or not "TC" is shown, mostly).

4) inside of pe.SandboxDT_1.91TC specifies the version as "1.91". To follow proper convention, it should specify version "1.91TC".

Skotty17:14, 25 March 2013