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I nominate the following robots for admission into the GigaRumble: Nene, Neuromancer, CunobelinDC, RaikoMX, and SandboxDT.

If anyone else would like to nominate a robot for the GigaRumble, feel free to use this thread to do so.

Sheldor03:26, 26 March 2013

Well, Nene has more than earned its place at #11 in PL. As for the others, my vote is definitely to stick to "top x bots" instead of hand picking bots we like.

Top 50 would include all those bots... I still like 30 and personally feel like even that's erring on the high side. (A bot at #30 has almost no chance vs DrussGT.) What do other people think?

Voidious03:46, 26 March 2013


  • Nene, top 10 bot. I have no problems with someone entering it, but its turned for simple bots.


  • SandboxDT, impressive for its age. But not impressive enough.
  • RaikoMX, see SandboxDT.
  • Neuromancer, great at Melee, only decent in One on One.
  • CunobelinDC, entering it in the gigarumble just isn't fair.


  • Seraphim, decent post-debug, holds #10 Vote and #22 PL (PWIN). Tuned against surfers originally.
Chase05:23, 26 March 2013

If you want Sandbox DT you should do a separate "Classics" league. ;)

Wolfman08:47, 26 March 2013

That crossed my mind too. :-) Then I thought it's kind of silly to have an active rumble for bots that never get updated. And also, how to treat a bot like Shadow? Totally classic, but updated a lot more recently than others like DT.

It's not a sign of disrespect to leave those bots out of a "strongest bots rumble". Pretty sure most of those authors would want to earn their spot anyway, if they were active.

Voidious14:56, 26 March 2013