Fixing bugs ... reduces score?

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That first one is pretty normal, I do that in my bots because of the physics involved:

  1. the bullet moves
  2. collisions are tested
  3. the bot moves
  4. we see where everything is.

So our wave should be a tick ahead of the bullet because when the collisions happen that's where the bullet is. You could also do it by having the enemy back one tick.

I found there was some gain in calculating precise, simulated GF-1 and GF1 instead of just using asin(8/bVel), so that I never shoot outside of where the enemy could be given the setup of the situation, eg walls, heading is not perpendicular, etc. Also, to do a better representation of the bot-size as the wave passes over, check out Waves/Precise Intersection.

Skilgannon14:48, 22 March 2013