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K, guys, this is just an informal presentation of my bots. I'm not using my User: space because I don't really wanna take that stuff out. So here's a full list.

Aurora-1 Fleet

AlphaAurora -- My fail of a debut bot. It was OK. I still use it as a sort of PoC test bot like SittingDuck.

BetaAurora -- Oh, boy. This one was better, but still horrible.

GammaAurora -- This one was better, but it wouldn't do much in the Rumble except beating SuperSittingDuck.

DeltaAurora -- This was just an experiment. I put 1XX lines of code in a randomizer and this is what came out.

Aurora-2 Fleet

Leporid -- My current project, this one will (hopefully) use GoTo Wave Surfing, my first bot to do so.


CircleBot -- The bot just goes around in a circle pattern.

RandomBot -- First try at implementing Random Targeting. Works! =)

Announced Bots

I am currently doing preliminary stuff for a pair of melee bots, Kleinmensch and Grossbrudder.

I may be doing a Twin Duel duo, but I'm not sure yet.

--Aurora Company