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I'm a 31 year old Java Developer living on the Isle of Man where I am a director of an IT company. I have been dabbling with RoboCode for a couple of years now on and off. I have a tendency to project hop / phase between things. Some of my other interests are Gaming, Fishing, Archery, Cryptography, Photography, Astronomy, Physics, Engineering.


Manx Robocode - Work in Progress - A project hoping using robocode and roborumble to promote programming and IT on the Isle of Man.

My bots

I try to come up with ideas that are a bit out of the box giving as much battle variety as possible.


  • Pest - An aggressive irritant - Ram tactics and a heavy hitter with a dynamic fear factor.
  • Atom - - Just a nano.
  • Photon - New - Work in Progress - Inspired by Neutrino, attempting to make a nano version.


  • Nova - - advanced multi mode bot with wall avoidance, 1v1 + rumble mode, nearest neighbor / highest threat targeting, wave surfing and decision tree.
  • Neutrino - Barely interacts with anything - Extremely avoident, bullet shielding, lets other bots bleed themselves dry.
  • Shrike - Work in Progress- advanced + intelligent mega bot with fuzzy logic and biologically inspired modular design