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welcome418:28, 13 January 2014

Hello and welcome! I noticed you're using the same package as Jdev, are you guys working together? Best of luck with your bots.

Voidious (talk)18:21, 9 January 2014

Hello Voidious, Thank you for the welcome. Sorry to say but you have confused me on the comment about the same package as Jdev. Do you mean robot name, Jdev had one called Neutrino that they renamed. " moved page Neutrino to Emerald without leaving a redirect ‎(lxx.Neutrino renamed to lxx.Emerald, since demetrix.nano.Neutrino 0.27 already exists)" page seamed free now. If this is what you mean i can change this. If it's not please enlighten me :)

Dragonbyte (talk)12:20, 12 January 2014

Sorry, I meant you are both using "lxx" for your packages, which I thought was unlikely to be a coincidence, but I guess I was wrong. :-) I hate telling you this after you already changed your bot name, too, but you might want to switch to a unique package name. (Note that RoboRumble flags are keyed off of package name too.)

Voidious (talk)19:12, 12 January 2014

Yup defiantly some confusion there some where i didn't have Ixx and haven't changed my package "dragonbyte" or robot names. :) dragonbyte is unique in the leagues. I appreciate your efforts to look after the new guys, especially as your a bot writer i aspire too.

Dragonbyte (talk)21:33, 12 January 2014

Oops, my bad! I got confused with all these Neutrino's. :-) Jdev recently made a bot called Neutrino, but since there already was one (even before yours!) he renamed it to Emerald.

Voidious (talk)18:28, 13 January 2014