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I read somewhere on here that people have tried Wave Surfing in micros with little luck - it's a very expensive thing to do. But with enough persistence and codesize tricks, I still wonder if it could revolutionize the micro field ... I may take a look at your source sometime & see if I get any great ideas :). (unless, of course, you break 2000, at which point I will definitely look and steal ... er ... get ideas) -- Simonton

Keep in mind that the surfing of GresSuffurd, a 2k-bot, is segmented on velocity only, so I think that improving the gun does pay of even in the micro-field. Anxious to see how it will do. -- GrubbmGait

I'd lose the segmentation all together, it might give you enough room to put a nano pattern matcher in there. -- Skilgannon

I think you have a point there. Having acceleration segments did better than having a good gun in my test, but those were against top micros like Thorn, which are harder to hit and better at shooting than most other bots. Also, if I got rid of segmentation, energy management, changing the enemy's energy from onHitByBullet, rolling averages, and some other minor details, a nano pattern matcher would fit in WaveShark (although that might not be worth it). I guess those will be my next two releases in the micro rumble... -- Kev

I should stop giving advice to anyone that will beat me afterwards . . . Congrats with the best microsurfer! -- GrubbmGait

OOooo, fun change with version 0.3!! -- Simonton

Yep =). And it seems like I've sparked a ton of new updates in the micro rumble too. -- Kev

Waylander was packaged and waiting from about a month ago....sparked is the right word =) -- Skilgannon