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Version History - Challenge Results - Wolfman's TODO List

Wraith is a refactor of my bot AgentSmithRedux.

Author(s) Wolfman
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Virtual Guns with Linear, Circular and Head On Targeting
Movement DangerPrediction
Current Version 0.1

Background Information

Returning after 3 years, I wanted to have a bit of fun and restart some robocode projects. Taking AgentSmithRedux and improving upon it for fun.

It is currently in very early testing and is not expected to be competitive till it has all its intended features & iteration.


How does it move?

An evolution of the technique I've currently called DangerPrediction from AgentSmith which is a form of minimum risk movement whereby it plans its route ahead based on incoming predicted bullet positions from the enemies. It should theoretically work exactly the same in 1v1 and melee as the only difference is more incoming bullets in melee to avoid. Still plan to do a write up of DangerPrediction once its been nailed down and is competitive in 1v1.

At the time of writing it will dodge HOT & linear guns at around 99+% efficiency, but does not yet take into account more advanced techniques that could be fired at it.

How does it fire?

Its currently just got a simple Virtual Gun array at the moment choosing the best gun between various guns including Linear, Circular and Head On.

How does it dodge bullets?

See Movement above!

Additional Information

Where did you get the name?

Wraiths can only be hit by magical weapons! ;)


Currently contains the source code for Raiko Micro's gun, but it is disabled as it was required for MC2K7 challenge testing.

Thanks To

Everyone who contributes to the RoboWiki. It's an awesome resource, be proud of yourselves!