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As long as you are checking if delta energy is between 0.1 and 3.0 there shouldn’t be any problems. I think that your current system of upgrading enemy energy is working but I’m not sure.

Dsekercioglu (talk)21:35, 9 April 2019

Currently I am just checking if the energy drop is greater than 0.1. I'll add a 3.0 segment later to fix that up. By the way, congratulations on Partial getting #23! The race is neck to neck =)

Slugzilla (talk)22:34, 9 April 2019
Oops, you might want to use 0.099 < e < 3.01. Sometimes energy 3.0 and 0.1 won’t be detected.
Partial is using Simonton’s PM Gun so there is a lot to improve. You might have noticed its low Pwin. I am prettt sure Basilisk will enter top 20 when the bug is fixed though.
Dsekercioglu (talk)04:51, 10 April 2019

Oh sorry, i misspoke. I check if the energy drop is greater than the previous energy, so 0.1 should register. Are you going to add on to the PM gun or maybe try out a guessfactor gun?

Slugzilla (talk)21:34, 10 April 2019
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