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I'm a Software Configuration Manager, darts player, married man and probably the oldest one active here (born in July 1964). I come from the Netherlands, where a pronounced 'G' sounds like scraping your throat. I encountered Robocode in september 2004 during (but not part of) a J2ME course and I haven't touched HOMM and Colin McRae since then. My first entrance ranked 285 out of 300, but I have made some improvements along the way.

My bots

  • GrubbmOne - Circling movement, circular gun. Kept active for sentimental reasons.
  • GrubbmTwo - Oscillator movement, sortof orbital gun. Retired.
  • GrubbmGrb - MultiMode bot with VirtualGuns array. One of the better 'simple' bots.
  • GrubbmThree - RamBot with circular gun, for some time the best rambot around
  • GrubbmGroup - A mini-team consisting of one GrubbmOgre and four GrubbmGrunts
    • GrubbmGrunt - OneOnOne(!) bot with oscillator movement and circular gun.
    • GrubbmOgre - Meleebot with oscillator movement and HOT gun. Teamleader
  • Gruwel - Agressive Mini-melee specialist, result of a GrubbmGroup party.
  • Gruweltje - Micro-melee specialist, oscillator movement and circular gun.
  • Grofvuil - Nanobot than can handle both OneOnOne and Melee
  • GrofGroup - Nanoteam based upon Grofvuil
  • GrypRepetyf - Started with StopAndGo experiments, but evolved into a solid PatternMatching bot
  • Griezel - Melee-specialist, minimumrisk movement and CT-gun
  • GresSuffurd - WaveSurfer with GuessFactorTargeting, initially based upon the tutorials, rated above 2000
  • GruwelTwins - Team-aware version of Gruwel, specially for the TwinDuel competition
  • GrauwuarG - Specific TwinDuel team with close-range oscillator movement and GF-gun
  • Grinnik - Micro GF-gun with StopAndGo and oscillator movement
  • Grimmig - Mini wavesurfer with GF VCS gun, under construction