Targeting Challenge 2K6

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The second targeting challenge, which was established in 2006 in an attempt to achieve better preformance, by testing against certain reference bots.


  1. The Challenger must remain stationary all the time
  2. The Challenger is only allowed to feed the fire() method(s) the constant 3.
    • This often results in at least one bullet per round fired with energy lower than 3 though.
    • Which means no energy management whatsoever
  3. There are 10 Reference Bots, none of which fire, few of which do any ramming
  4. The Challenger meet each reference bot in battle over 500 rounds (100 rounds for the short TC version)
  5. The Challenger's score against each reference bot is calculated like "challenger_bullet_damage / rounds"
    • Average the scores against each reference bot to get the total score

Reference Bots


  1. CassiusClay - expert WaveSurfer
  2. Cyanide 1.80.b - expert WaveSurfer
  3. Tigger 0.0.23 - good WaveSurfer, unique implementation
  4. Chalk 1.2 - "fledgling" WaveSurfer


  1. Cigaret 1.31 - random orbital movement
  2. GrubbmGrb 1.1.3 - MultiMode with Stop 'n' Go, Oscillation
  3. RandomMovementBot - fluid, random movement
  4. Butterfly 2.0 - MultiMode; non-firing version of Ugluk
  5. FloodMini 1.4 - Kawigi's SandboxFlattener movement
  6. DuelistMicro 1.22 - simple GoTo? movement, quite good against simple aimers

You can get all the reference bots at once: Download

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