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Great result with 1.3! I might have to dust off my Neuromancer code again ;-)

Any idea what caused the improvements? Were you skipping a lot of turns before?

Skilgannon (talk)07:41, 28 July 2017

Thanks, we'll see, Neuromancer is still ahead by a big margin :P

Yeah, the gun was slow and it usually skipped a few turns per round, but I didn't expect it to make such a big difference. I also added a dynamic energy management dependent on estimated hit probability.

Cb (talk)10:02, 28 July 2017

Congratulations! It's melee score is really good.

Dsekercioglu (talk)15:53, 30 July 2017

I really like just hearing that that's even conceivable to you still. =) It actually crossed my mind pretty recently, but I don't think it's likely to happen for me any time soon.

Voidious (talk)04:31, 1 August 2017

I have all my code setup to work with a simple build script, so it is fairly easy to get it up again. Although I've gotten lazy with IDEs that do indexing, which I never used before, so maybe I should try to get that working first. Neuromancer needs a bit of cleanup, and its multi-wave surfing in non-melee situations is very... CassiusClay shall we say =). No branching, which is something I'd like to change, but somehow still not skip turns.

Skilgannon (talk)18:51, 1 August 2017