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I agree, this is a very impressive result. My Melee chops are seriously lacking, so it's even more impressive to me.

Chase19:26, 9 July 2017

Thank you guys! Yeah, I am very happy about the result. Hopefully it can be improved some more, since I still have a lot of tweaking ideas.

Cb (talk)19:41, 9 July 2017

Congratulations! Looks like you have a record of the fastest arrival to the top. Looking forward to see the improved version of the bot.

Beaming (talk)09:38, 10 July 2017

Congratulations, good bot. But it lost against WhiteFang which is 160th in roborumble. Maybe you should check if there is an error.

Dsekercioglu (talk)17:15, 17 July 2017